the 12th baby

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something’s sweeping our city, and it isn’t rain. well, this winter, it has been rain, and wind, and fog, but it is also something else entirely: football fever. i’m not the first to tell you how our ‘hawks did on sunday, and I probably won’t be the last, so let’s sit back and rejoice. our ‘hawks are Super Bowl bound, and so many of us have come together to cheer on our team. everyone’s getting involved, glassybaby included!

‘seahawks pride’ and ‘spirit of 12’ are two of the newest members of the glassybaby family, and they glow in our little northwestern corner of the country, reminding everyone out there just how spectacular seattle is. all this month i have seen moments that have made me smile: a grandma reaching down to hold hands with her grandson, both wearing Russell Wilson jerseys; a 12th man flag flying free atop our beloved space needle; construction workers wearing Seahawks helmets. our city has been brought together because of our blue and green footballers, and there really is no escaping this blue and green pride.

ask anyone in seattle if sunday’s game was just a game, and we will tell, nay, we will show you—on our streets and in our homes—it’s more than just a game. just like how our glassybaby are so much more than just glass. we are united, as the 12th man, and now as the 12th baby.

peter harrison

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