a second smile

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the upcoming seconds sale has inspired me to consider other “seconds” in my life that I cherish. there are the seconds that i used to have at the dinner table, my mother having made a lot of food for her three growing, hungry boys, and her one, young but tomboy-ish daughter. i loved seconds because, yes, i loved my mother’s cooking, but i also loved extending the time, cheer, and laughter i shared with my family. i never wanted those dinners to end! there are the seconds that come in the form of sequels—books and movies that i get excited about because of their firsts that mean so much to me. and there are the seconds that are encounters—a second meeting, a second dance, a second laugh—that all help a first impression become something much more than it once was.

the seconds sale reminds me of so much joy. something sweeter, still, is how glassybaby has teamed up with Camp Korey this year to help every child and their family experience camp. growing up in new hampshire, i had the privilege to attend camp on lake winnipesaukee, where i made enduring friendships, learned to love the outdoors, and had the opportunity to be, well, just a kid. and reminiscing on those carefree summers makes me smile: the games of soccer, canoeing on the lake, oratory stories around a campfire, and even my first dance with a girl when the camp across the lake came to visit one evening! reminiscing makes me realize: every child deserves the chance to experience camp.

and Camp Korey does just that, by giving children with serious life-altering medical conditions and their families the experience of camp. these children and their families endure so much: hospitals, doctors and medical appointments, treatment, and so much more that rob these children from a carefree childhood. in 2013 alone, Camp Korey served more than 2,000 campers and their families, and the goal is to serve even more families in 2014.

so cheers to everyone who will be in line saturday (and friday!) for the seconds sale. you all will be giving a home to the slightly imperfect glassybaby, while doing so much good for Camp Korey and the families they serve. it’s a second that everyone can get behind, and one that will brighten your day when you meet others who love glassybaby, and love supporting Camp Korey.