second stories

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the fog from saturday’s seconds sale was truly something mighty, but what lifted my spirits was first seeing everyone there who came to support Camp Korey, and then hearing all of their stories. with the line stretching around three sides of the block, there surely were a lot of stories, and here are some that I continue to smile about:

a mother came to wait in line for devil dog, so that she could send it to her devil dog of a son-in-law, who is stationed in japan.

a nurse from Fred Hutchinson, who has been to every seconds sale, gives glassybaby to help spread their light to others, and to help all of our partnering charities help shed their light.

a couple from texas mentioned, at the end of their seconds sale experience, how their first encounter with glassybaby was their absolute highlight from their entire seattle visit. i imagine the atmosphere, the anticipation, and the glassybaby family helped make their morning so unforgettable.

everyone had someone in mind as they stood in line for hours, especially Aaron, who waited for ten glassybaby so he could give them to a friend who could not make it.

another one of a kind story came from Brandon, who camped overnight to keep his girlfriend, Cassie, company!

and perhaps the best part of the entire day was that all of you who waited in line, no matter if you were there so you could give to others, or so that you could give to yourself—you all gave to Camp Korey, supporting their mission of giving children with serious life-altering medical conditions and their families the experience of camp. your generosity will help a child put on a lifejacket for the first time in her life, paddling with a smile that stretches from one side of the canoe to the other. your generosity will help a child sit around campfire on a summer night, mesmerized by the flames’ dance and the storyteller’s tale. Aad ultimately, by braving the fog this last saturday, you will give a child the chance to be a child, carefree at camp for the first time in his life. that, i admit, has given me a second, and third, and hundredth smile this week as i think back to the foggy morning we all shared.