one size fits all

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with valentine’s day just around the corner, i have been thinking about valentine’s days of years past. i remember valentine’s day in elementary school: the arts and crafts that came from cutting, gluing, and decorating valentine’s mailboxes that would sit atop your table or desk. they awaited the store-bought valentine’s day cards—one year Buzz Lightyear and Woody spoke to love that was to infinity and beyond, and Woody lassoed a heart with a big grin on his face. with the cards came the store-bought candy—messages of be mine and hugs written on hearts and lollipops. yes, the written messages on cards and candy were all very cliché, and oh-so-cheeky, but back then the unwritten messages carried the most weight. everyone in class had to receive a valentine, but you saved the extra large valentine, or the handmade valentine, for your special crush.

love back then was simple: love everyone equally, and secretly love one person more. valentine’s days have changed since then, of course, with gifts becoming more complicated and the stakes greater. that may have changed, but the love has remained constant. there’s the love that you share with your mother—unconditional and unique in such a way that only your family understands. there’s the love that you share with your best friend—a love that grows through growing up, together. and there’s the love that you share with a pet—where it’s not about master and subject, but wholly about companionship. to be sure, there are a lot more types of love, but i love these three kinds because they all share something powerful and everlasting. time will never erode these loves.

we all know that love comes in all kinds of shapes, and in so many different sizes. showing your love can be difficult at this time of year—flowers are beautiful, but last only so long. chocolates are a short-term joy as well. you want something that speaks to the everlasting nature of your love. a glassybaby, and the good that each one does, means your special love is just that: special. and this valentine’s day glassybaby is teaming up with the SFSPCA (San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals). for all the loves in your life, give something that will mean your love is forever, and help an organization that gives pets a new home, and a loving family.