love day

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have you ever noticed how a heart, the one that comes on greeting cards, or the one that boxes of chocolates are shaped after, basically all of the hearts you see leading up to valentine’s day, are always perfectly curved and perfectly symmetrical? and have you ever been frustrated when, after attempting to draw your own perfect heart, you pull your marker away and see that one side is lopsided, the curve too sharp or shallow, or one heart’s ear too floppy, and the other too narrow? and heart after heart, you just cannot seem to right the imperfection—indeed, the imperfections actually increase with each successive one you draw?

it’s funny how you strive for perfection when it comes to love, because you want it to look just right.

this valentine’s day, glassybaby has helped me learn that it is our imperfect qualities, as individuals, that make us each unique. just as no two glassybaby are the same–its shape, its weight, its curve, its glow—no two of us are the same. that simple fact has helped me learn that, when it comes to drawing hearts, the imperfect ones mirror our human uniqueness. our imperfections, and more importantly the way we accept, appreciate, and love one another’s imperfections is what valentine’s day is all about.

and so, this valentine’s day, i give a special thanks to glassybaby for helping me draw only one heart, and for the gifts that i have given that not only show my love for my mother and my family, but also go beyond, supporting Solid Tumor Translational Research in honor of Babes Against Brain Cancer (that’s ‘belle‘), Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (that’s ‘goodness‘), and the Seahawks Women’s Association (that’s ‘spirit of 12’). finally, my imperfect valentine’s day has left me perfectly content!