marathon baby

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we all cover a lot of miles over the course of our lives. walking, running, biking—it would be really interesting to see our human-powered totals from when we start moving, to when we move on. surely, we all would share a bell curve, and just as surely, that bell curve would range drastically from one person to the next. we all move, but we all move differently.

sometimes, we need help from others when we do move. for me, having just completed my second marathon while wearing the glassybaby name across my chest, i realize just how much i needed others as the miles wore on, and my legs grew heavy. marathons are tricky things: because of the self-inflicting discomfort you endure, you often question why you even subjected yourself to such pain. at least, that’s how i felt around mile 15. so just before the pain became too great, before the loneliness weighed too heavy on my mind, and when the finish line was nowhere in sight, i realized that i needed help from others. i found strength from the crowd—shouts of “go glassybaby!”; “you got this!”; and claps, hollers, and cheers pushed me to mile 16. the volunteers who would spend hours on the side of the road, filling, giving, refilling, giving, refilling, and giving cups of water and sports drink to me and thousands of other runners helped fuel my body to mile 17. and the encouraging words and sentiments from my friends and family, near and far, that all led to this moment, lifted me all the way to the finish line, and beyond.

just like in life, during a marathon you have a choice: to be negative, focusing on the pain and discomfort, or to be positive, smiling, finding strength from others, and uplifting yourself. both of these marathons have taught me, during the darkest mile, when i thought i was alone in my struggle, that there is so much good, so much light, to focus on. with this, i would like to thank everyone who has helped me reach the finish line, twice, in my glassybaby shirt. indeed, the glassybaby family has helped me run two of my fastest marathons yet, just as glassybaby continues to help millions of others, charities and individuals, reach their full potential. we all can find strength, and a little light, in that.