a secret crush

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with all of the preparations needed for a wedding, it can be hard for a couple to remember that their day is a celebration, a tradition, and the opening of two hearts. many of us know just how much stress can go into planning for a wedding because even if you have not planned one for yourself, undoubtedly family, friends, films and television have all given you a window into the funny, the outrageous, the sometimes unbelievable world of weddings.

what’s remarkable about weddings is how their outcome, or role, is the same for each couple—to become married—but the expression of that love is entirely unique to each wedding. It’s not necessarily the what—two people, in love, becoming one—that fascinates me, it’s the how that fascinates and uplifts me. when you consider how two people decide to announce their love, then you inevitably think about the why. “how” we love is deeply connected to “why” we love.

how Annie and Victor expressed their love as they made their vows has made me smile all week. i learned that when the two of them were dating, Victor would play a game with Annie’s glassybaby collection—switching her arrangement of “crush” with another glassybaby, and then waiting for Annie to notice the sneaky deed.

love can often make us revert back to our younger, childish selves because no matter what age you actually are, or how mature you think you have become, love will make you feel so young. love will bring you back to the days of secret crushes.

at their wedding, Annie and Victor decided to honor their love with glassybaby. they forwent the traditional—flowers—and replaced it with the personal—glassybaby. each bridesmaid walked down the aisle with a ‘crush’ glassybaby and set them on a small table at the front of the venue. And most adorable was the flowergirl: oh-so-carefully she walked down the aisle, a ‘crush’ glassybaby carried delicately in both her hands, offering it to the table, and to Annie and Victor’s love.

see ‘crush‘ (and smile) for yourself!