eat drink and be merry

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st. patrick’s day is a special celebration for me and my family. with the guidance of my grandfather, i know that this day is much more than giving tribute to our proud Irish heritage. with his bright green blazer that he keeps tucked away in his closet for the year, he sets the tone for our daylong celebration this day.

when we come together at the st. patrick’s day dinner table, i always marvel at what i see. there is my grandfather beside me—having served in World War II, who raised my mother and her five siblings, and with a quick wit that seems to only become quicker with each year. of course he holds ‘single malt‘, because with a wink he will sip to what he calls “a blow for freedom.” there is my mother next to him, who walks beside me on the beach for miles and miles, letting the sun dip over the ocean as we share stories of childhood. i honor her love for me and the ocean with ‘seabreeze’. my younger sister, the baby of the family who braved growing up with three older, protective brothers and is now a beautiful, independent woman, holds the ‘petite syrah’. and those two older brothers—the countless basketball games we played—pick their own drinkers from the cabinet: ‘kentucky water’ and ‘cola‘.

yes, st. patrick’s day gives my family and i the chance to celebrate our heritage, but as i mentioned before, this day is special for a deeper reason. together, my family and i indulge in the love we share for one another. having lived a full and amazing life, my grandfather is most certainly the wisest of the bunch. he has taught me exactly how to eat, drink, and be merry.

eat (with others), drink (to their company), and be merry (for each other’s love). this st. patrick’s day, i cheers my grandfather for teaching me this, and countless other life lessons. and you are certainly welcome to join us at those dinner tables: keep an ear for the many clinks of glassybaby drinkers through the night as we toast to the memories that have brought us so close. that is, if you can hear them over our stories, laughter, and boundless cheer!