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milestones acknowledge the past by celebrating all that has led to the moment, while uniquely looking to the future. past, present, future. It is a milestone that helps us appreciate where we have been, where we currently stand, and where we are going.

a birthday is a milestone we all share. everyone has a birthday, and no matter the size of the celebration, the celebration is about you becoming you.

so, even though glassybaby’s recent milestone—two million dollars given to charities!—isn’t quite a birthday, i will celebrate it as if it is a birthday, anyway!

because, really, a birthday is so much more than a celebration about one person. it’s about your parents, who spent much of their lives preparing for that special day. it’s about their parents, your grandparents, who paved the way for you. it’s about friends and family who helped you when you first came into this world, perhaps crying at the blinding light, the strange air, and the sudden change in everything you believed the world to be. everyone close to you has taught you about this world, and your community has helped you become you.

and glassybaby’s two million dollars given away to charities is about everyone who helped reach this milestone. there is really too many individuals to mention all here, but the entire glassybaby community of friends and family has, and continues to, make glassybaby what it is today.

glassybaby was born out of the idea of helping others. the strength that a burning flame can offer is mirrored in the power of community.

indeed, it takes a village to do so much good. cheers to you all for taking glassybaby from where it was yesterday, to where it is today, and where it is heading tomorrow. there is still so much more good for us all to do!

you can follow the ‘two million thank yous.’ campaign here: http://bit.ly/2millionTY