memories of millions

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once, in third grade, mrs. moon tried to help me and my classmates understand how large of a number one million actually is. she said we simply could not count so high—not from a lack of intelligence, but from a lack of time. it would take too long, she told us while she stood at the chalkboard, writing out “1,000,000” on the board. now to me, a third grader who had trouble staying seated too long, and who sometimes forgot to raise a hand before shouting the answer, mrs. moon’s lesson sounded more like a challenge. and to prove it to myself, and to my friends in the class, i was determined to write out every number between zero and a million.

so mrs. moon gave me a piece of college-ruled paper, a #2 pencil, and my own desk—and off i went.

there is no real triumph in this story: after about 64 numbers, i escaped my self-imposed torture to join my friends at recess. mrs. moon only smiled at my foolhardiness—she had seen many third graders like me during her time educating.

i hope that i thanked her for letting me slip from the desk chair and leave my challenge unfinished. i may not fully understand how large one million actually is—then as a third grade and now as an adult grader—but glassybaby has helped me appreciate how much good one million can do.

because with its two million thank yous campaign, glassybaby is much like my third grade self at that desk, writing out every individual number (thank you) as it appreciates everyone who has contributed to two million dollars in charitable giving.

and the glassybaby two million thank yous campaign has made me think about everything that i am grateful for in my life. i often think about my family, and how, no matter how far away we are from one another, we always make a point to see one another. this is especially true for this easter weekend—my two older brothers will be flying from the east coast to join me here in seattle. for the two of them, it is their first visit to seattle, and I am excited to welcome them to my new home.

perhaps there is even an egg hunt planned—and even if we are too old for that, i will definitely bring my brothers to madrona to see the glassblowers create the gorgeous colors of the easter sets!

everyone has something to share when there are #twomillionthankyous to give. see for yourself, and contribute your own, right here!