seek the joy

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when i think back to my camp days, i often think about this quote: “seek the joy.” and how true this quote is for me: camp allowed me to seek my fullest self: laughing my hardest during the jokes that were shared in my cabin; running my fastest when i chased down a soccer ball on fields that stretched green and soft; and shouting my loudest when my friends cheered on one another during all friendly competitions.

camp allowed me to be a kid—unafraid to seek the joy of life.

and so it is a privilege of mine to share a little about Camp Korey—one of the amazing organizations that glassybaby partners with, and one of the organizations that glassybaby wants to thank with its two million thank you campaign. camp korey is a camp just like the one i went to, as it provides a safe, beautiful place for kids to be just that: kids. the remarkable thing about that is camp korey promises this experience to children with life-altering conditions.

for a child with skeletal dysplasia, like nathen, camp was always a wish, but not a reality. camp korey changed that, and after nathen went away to camp for the first time, his mother explained that “every time he’d talk about [camp korey], it would make him happy.” this joyful memory is nathen’s, and just as I often reminisce about my camp days and smile, so, too, does nathen.

and camp korey doesn’t just serve kids, as a parent of a camper who attended a sickle cell family weekend explained that the “experiences that we had and the information that was shared was not only life-changing, but life-saving.” families are just as much a part of camp korey as their children are. parents find strength in a newfound community with other families who share similar experiences.

so, glassybaby gives thanks to everyone at camp korey, for all of the amazing good that they do. you can make a special thanks of your own by giving glassybaby in the camp korey mother’s day promotion. there are three different ways to honor mom while also honoring camp korey, and you can learn about them here!

i’m delighted to seek the joy this mother’s day by sharing that joy with moms and families all over!