national nurses week

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we all have reason to celebrate this week.

it’s national nurses week. we celebrate nurses everywhere, and the universal language they speak.

you see, nurses speak with their actions—they embody the most basic and vital human trait: compassion. simply put, nurses care. and simpler, still, humans absolutely need to care—for one another, for their communities, and for their greater surroundings. for nurses, this is part of their nature. just as you and i breath, nurses care. indeed, it is simple, but this cannot be simply taken for granted.

because when we are at our most vulnerable state, when we have fallen down and need to lean on someone for support and guidance in order to get back up—a nurse delivers. and more impressive still, a nurse delivers, every single day.

listening to laurie, my best friend’s mother who is a nurse, helped me understand how nurses deliver when she said: “you save one life, you’re a hero. you save 100 lives, you’re a nurse.”

listening to lizzy, my close childhood friend who is also a nurse, helped me appreciate the selflessness of all nurses when she said nurses week is also about celebrating the patients she admires.

so listening to both laurie and lizzy helped me understand the significance of this: the university of washington’s school of nursing announced this week that lee rhodes is this year’s recipient of the peter dyer heart of nursing award. such an honor, from a community of noble educators, is meant to be shared with the entire glassybaby community. just as lee has inspired us with her story of overcoming cancer and beginning glassybaby, the entire glassybaby community continues to inspire her: with two million dollars in charitable giving.

so lee and all of us at glassybaby celebrate nurses week by honoring laurie, lizzy and nurses everywhere who have cared for us, and who have cared for our loved ones, when that care was needed most. nurses continue to inspire us with their compassion, and all of the good that they do.