teacher appreciation

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it’s always around this time of year, when the sun hangs longer in the sky, when the daylight’s warmth lingers well into the darkening night, that i feel an energy pulse from within, an energy ready to be released at the sound of one final school bell. despite no longer being in school, i’ve come to the realization that this is just now part of my nature: the transition from spring to summer will always conjure up feelings of immense anticipation and joy.

the difference is that my 5th grade self counted down the days, the hours, the final assignments until the beginning of summer vacation, and now i tend to reflect back on those school years and teachers who helped me learn some of life’s greatest lessons. mrs. sinclair and her stories that managed to captivate and quiet all of us riotous ten year olds; ms. page, whose patience and selflessness helped me improve, and find a passion for, writing; professor o’connell and the books we explored together, him giving my life context as to the history that i am a product of—and i could surely go on and on.

my teachers and professors, each one in his or her own, distinct way, all served as the mentors who showed me the importance of how—how a problem gets solved, how a nation gets built, and really, how to think.

so, with teacher appreciation week being in this month of may, glassybaby recognizes all that teachers do, and all of the light they help let shine, with a special page designed for teachers. you can find these special glassybaby here and you can also recognize the accomplishment of all of the graduates in your life here, with gifts like given to fly and believe.

and despite having graduated and being out of school, i continue to draw on the lessons the teachers in my life taught me. truly, those final school bells never ended the education i continue to use in my life, and will forever be grateful for.