‘strength’ + the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund

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i remember back to when i was six. i laid in bed, listening for the footsteps of my mother that symbolically measured the end of each day. Those footsteps also measured the start of each day, when she would stir me awake with a kiss. the routine was one that i treasured, happy to have her love, each and every day.

this night i awaited her while figuring difficult logic and doing complicated math in my dimly-lit room. though i had a limitless imagination back then, my brainpower was limited as you would expect a six year old’s mind to be. still, determined to find my answer, i pressed on as i computed two things: when do people normally pass on from this world and how long would that mean for the people I loved most in my life?

i drew two conclusions. one: people must live to 100 years old; and two, that means i had well over 50 more blissful years to share with my parents.

life is fair to a six year old, fair as the fact that a 100-year life is the roundest, most logical time to spend living. i put my head down on the pillow satisfied: both of my parents would stay with me for many years to come.

this innocence is perhaps the most difficult thing to confront when a mother, a father, or a loved one becomes sick. explaining to a six year old that cancer happens is simply heartbreaking.

this is just one reason why glassybaby is honored to be working with such an amazing organization as the laura mercier ovarian cancer fund (lmocf). the fund, founded by claudia poccia and laura mercier, two women who have been deeply affected by ovarian cancer, does so much good for mothers, daughters, sisters, and families everywhere. those diagnosed with the disease often have too advanced cases of it, as diagnostic tools are unfortunately limited. with a mission to educate women about the disease, to support those who are undergoing treatment, and to support research to find a cure, the lmocf knows that it can make a difference in so many lives.

glassybaby is proud to help the lmocf shine a light on a disease that has been overlooked by so many: proceeds from every sale of strength will be contributed to the hope that lmocf speaks out for. together, we know the glassybaby community can help the lmocf shout their mission, and continue to do so much good.

you can help by finding your own strength here, and you can learn more about the laura mercier ovarian cancer fund here.