two months, #twomillionthankyous

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just two months ago, glassybaby reached a milestone that was, what we all believe, more about the glassybaby community than was it about any one person. collectively, we soared to two million dollars in giving, and collectively, we celebrated.

two months of celebrations, in some of the most unique ways, are shown in the beautiful photographs, touching sentiments, and kindness that are all featured at #twomillionthankyous

as we wrap up two months of gratitude and two million thanks yous, we just want to say that with every story, we are reminded of this important fact:

that it’s not us. it’s you.

glassybaby may have started with lee’s story but it’s your stories that keep us glowing and growing.

so every time you give or receive a glassybaby or drinker, share with us your personal celebration, act of kindness, or hope for healing here.

#tellusyourstory #glassybaby