dad day

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memorial day and father’s day come around the same time of year, and for my family, that makes perfect sense. leading up to each day, and especially on each day, an overpowering sense of gratitude and pride overcomes me.

both of my grandfathers served in world war II. the sacrifices they both made, along with millions of other americans, made them the greatest generation. these sacrifices paved the way for my parents. these sacrifices paved the way for me. my grandfathers, my father—these are the men whom i resemble the most, and these are the men whom i will forever look up.

because, as parents, each of my grandfathers wanted to give my parents more opportunity than they had. and my father strived to do the same for me. giving more to the next generation than what was given to you—this is not something i learned, this is something that is in my nature.

and glassybaby has made it easy for me to honor my grandfathers and my father on this sunday. each drinker that i give, gives back. glassybaby has teamed up with the department of veterans affairs so that each drinker given also supports the health needs of veterans.

so i will sit on the porch with my dad, drinkers in hand, enjoying the longer summer evenings, pushing dinner further into the night. dinner can wait: there are the stories to be told. ones of my childhood that i do not remember, but my dad will never forget—the playful tales of a three-year old being just that: playful, and entirely unpredictable.

and those evenings will also be shared with my grandfathers: with many of their stories coming from a time when i wasn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar. the stories will weave through life lessons, through laughter and perhaps some heartache, but they all reveal where i have come from, and where i am heading—to a family that will always love one another.

so i raise my favorite drinker and cheers the stories that our fathers and grandfathers share with us!