compassion at virginia mason

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i have never battled cancer personally, so i can only speculate as to what it takes to overcome. i imagine it takes courage. i imagine it takes perseverance. i imagine it takes hope. i imagine that the amount of courage, perseverance and hope is an amount that i simply cannot imagine.
but despite never having battled cancer personally, i know that it takes a tremendous amount of resources to pay for the treatment. the machines, the chemotherapy, the facilities, the time–it all amounts to an amount i cannot fathom, but realize is too much for many of us.
for those of you who know lee’s story, this is a major reason why glassybaby was born, and this is why the glassybaby community shines. compassion, coupled with the action to help, is why glassybaby has given over two million dollars to charities.
so glassybaby is honored to partner with the floyd and delores jones cancer institute at virginia mason. compassion lives here, as the support that the specialists and entire staff at virginia mason provides extends beyond the facility’s walls and into the lives of patients and their families. earning the leapfrog award for best hospital of the decade speaks to this level of care!
it is exactly what lee shares with floyd and delores jones, a philosophy of giving back, a commitment to helping those who need support at the most trying of times, that makes this intersection of compassion one that so many will benefit from. supporting cancer patients and their families by covering uncompensated treatment makes the road to recovery just a little be easier.
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