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for christa’s 40th birthday, friends jennifer, maura, mari and liz came together for a surprise that was truly one of a kind. friends since college, these four women have helped each other grow, from students to moms, sharing countless hugs, some cries, and so many smiles along the way.

the surprise started at glassybaby, when these women came into the store seeking five glassybaby: one for each decade, and a fifth for the future. so we start with the first:
while attending her son’s track meet, christa noticed someone who looked very familiar walking across the field. it looked like maura, but why would she be here? it wasn’t until maura came up right next to her that christa realized this person actually was maura. with a cakepop and crayola, christa beamed a gleeful smile. “life is about using the whole box of crayons” – a beautiful quote that accompanied this gift, symbolizing christa’s first ten years and her childhood.
just 90 minutes later, jennifer made her way across the stands to join christa and maura. with a tiara, a feather boa, and fearless, christa erupted in surprise (drawing some attention away from the meet and embarrassing her son!). for the teenage years, jennifer honored christa’s style and audacity, her risk to try new things, for jennifer was making a tribute to a special time when christa grew into someone whom all these women learned to love.
around midday mari arrived with fortitude, a coffee and a muffin. despite suspecting that another gift was on its way, christa did not see mari arrive until she looked over her shoulder to respond to a someone’s question. there, with a special hug that is reserved for birthdays, mari shared the quote about a strong woman. our 20s can be just as exciting as they are terrifying, and it takes courage (and friends) to make the most of them!
awaiting christa’s carpool to return to the school with some tired and sun-burnt kids, liz held mom and cupcakes. for her 30s, christa became a mother, a time of unconditional love (and craziness!). together, these women have all guided each other during motherhood.
finally, at the birthday cookout, christa’s husband gave hope. to love what the future may bring, one needs hope, and a loving group of friends who will ensure that the next decade will be as special as the previous ones.
we would like to thank christa, her wonderful friends and husband for sharing their uplifting story with us. it’s truly humbling to be a part of such a heartfelt story!
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