everlasting seconds

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so much planning goes into the glassybaby seconds sale (just ask anyone in the office!). so many people help with the glassybaby seconds sale (just ask Lee’s daughter, who spent the day volunteering!). so much time, care, effort—it all goes towards this special day when the perfectly imperfect glassybaby get their chance to shine.

and yet, my favorite thing about the seconds sale is just how everlasting it truly is.

look at the past: all the effort went into a single day. look at the day itself: the glassybaby community came, shared stories and smiles, and walked away with the perfectly imperfect. look at where it all brought us to: a tremendous gift to nursing scholarship funds all over.

$15,700—to be exact!

seattle pacific university, seattle university, bellevue college, shoreline community college, and the foundation of the national student nurses association scholarship fund—so many nursing students will be able to afford their education with the help of the glassybaby community. these are students like debbie corazza’s son, johnny (photo above). soon to be a second year nursing student at seattle pacific university, johnny will be interning at the university of washington medical center emergency room this summer.

so debbie’s last three christmas gifts from her son (three glassybaby!), remind her of her son’s dream to become a nurse.

and that reminder inspires us at glassybaby: students like johnny will become nurses who heal. and healing—our friends, our family, ourselves — lasts more than a lifetime.

cheers to all who helped make the seconds sale so everlasting—
i can’t wait to see you at the next one!

p.s. this year’s seconds sale featured (for the first time) our very own “step & repeat” located in the alley behind the madrona studio & hot shop. the background features grafitti art from a local seattle artist. we just love this! in case you missed it, you can see some of the fun photos here