glassybaby + WOZA soccer

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for much of the past year, i have watched a close friend pursue a dream. the goal was fairly simple: bring american students to south africa to coach, play and partner with a soccer academy. a simple goal, and yet, what it took to reach this goal proved just how complex his dream actually was. sweat equity—more than i can ever imagine—has helped make chris kaimmer’s dream, woza soccer adventures, a reality.

so we here at glassybaby are thrilled to welcome you all to chris’ story. over the next few weeks, we will follow chris and his fellow leaders hannah, dominic, and kim as they bring twelve students to south africa. we will meet sheldon hughes, founder of the mtuba football academy. we will learn how powerful soccer can be in bringing different cultures together through a common language. through the stories of woza’s African partners, we will also witness how soccer can change lives: empowering girls or fighting disease are just two examples.

it is the “who” in this story that make it so powerful: individuals like chris who understand that the act of giving back touches lives and creates positive change. these individuals inspire us here at glassybaby. giving back, to one another, across cultures, and especially to future generations, makes our world a brighter place. we’re smiling wide here at glassybaby as we support chris and woza this year: his players will proudly wear glassybaby jerseys in their charity soccer matches across south africa this month.

so we are humbled to be part of chris’ dream. as a teammate, we hope to contribute to the groundbreaking change woza is making in young people’s lives.