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when I was young enough to write my “Es” as “3s” and get away with it (sometime around kindergarten), i remember sitting in the backseat of my father’s car, driving down a long and rolling road in my new hampshire hometown. i looked up and out the window, the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows of new england’s fall passing by, the white station wagon humming around the frost heaves that turn roads to moonscapes. i interrupted that hum to ask: “dad, when did the world get color?”

my father looked at me in his rearview mirror, eyebrows on stilts. he was confused, and rightfully so.

you see, i had just watched an old, black and white television show earlier that morning, and the question rooted itself deeply in my imagination. looking at those leaves ultimately made me grateful: thank goodness i am living in the age of color!

it didn’t take me long to find the truth: cameras, technology, television, color – my father was always up for the challenge to answer my tough questions. despite his excellent explanation, part of me was disappointed: i thought, maybe, one day everyone woke up to these beautiful colors that now surround us.

the glassybaby community helped me return to my innocent question, except challenging the reality: what if color actually comes from those who spread kindness? i look at a glassybaby and both its color and its hue makes me wonder: the charities glassybaby partners with strive to illuminate the worlds of those in darkness, each partnering foundation helping lift those out of their struggle.

foundations like the ben towne foundation. i recently went on a tour of the ben towne center for childhood cancer to see the site of the groundbreaking cancer treatment that dr. michael jensen is leading, and jeff and carin towne are the inspiring source behind.

put simply, the tour was inspiring. i found the building immaculate, and the individuals unrelenting in their search to help others. the new t-cell treatment was born from the passion of individuals who came together with one mission: to end cancer.

so far, this treatment has cured two individuals who had nearly given up in their fight against cancer. one of those individuals is milton wright III, whose life and passion continues on, burning brightly thanks to the ben towne foundation.

dr. jensen, jeff and carin are continuing to raise funds and advocate for this new treatment that they know can help so many others. indeed, the entire ben towne foundation is filled with like-minded individuals who are shedding light on a treatment that will bring so much joy to those in their deepest struggles.

it makes me think that the ben towne foundation is bringing color into the worlds of those in darkness. and it inspires everyone at glassybaby, as we all understand that it is the partnering foundations like ben towne that truly do the most good.