meet izzy greer

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many of you have heard about the glassroots tour by now. it is fairly simple, and the simplicity is felt in the tour’s tagline: a cross-country tour bringing glassybaby from us to you. a boy, a girl, you, some glassybaby, and a road trip.

to leave it at that, however, would be a shame. take a moment to peel back the glassroots tour’s layers, and you learn who these two individuals are, you learn about the power that art and glassybaby can have, and you become excited at the connections that will soon be taking place.

for izzy greer, grassroots is happening because of her own roots—ones that start with her grandmother. “before I can even remember,” izzy told me, “my grandmother had me sketching and painting flowers with her.” this 4’10” polish holocaust survivor with hair that seemingly ranges on the “red-purple scale” sparked izzy’s passion for art, and she continued to support this passion as izzy grew. the years of sketching, lessons and love came together during izzy’s senior year in college, when she set off on a journey to honor her grandmother with a project titled “the art of survival.” born from her grandmother’s love of life and love of art, izzy wanted to understand how art helps those cope with tremendous hardship. “art has always been a positive presence in my life,” izzy said, gratitude behind her words, so the case study proved to be much more than a project for a honors program. for izzy, it isn’t about blurring the line between life and art, it’s acknowledging that the line doesn’t even exist: the beauty of life is finding its art, and taking time “to be present, to be peaceful, to be tending our inner zen garden.”


izzy’s inner zen garden definitely was tested growing up: her childhood was marked by countless family road trips from southern california to colorado. no matter how secure those seatbelts are fastened, izzy mentioned that no one in her family was safe from the quirks that come from 17-hours of being cooped up in a small, confined space together. The biggest breakthrough? “chocolate,” said izzy. “figuring out chocolate alleviates my motion sickness was a major life breakthrough!”

but the quirks of those trips are also what make izzy a natural for the glassroots tour. she mentioned how her parents know all the essentials of all good road trips, including how to pace yourselves for the long-haul (one essential: laundry detergent!). her dad is the direction and packing guru, so he has shared advice on which roads to take, and has passed down a “vintage” briefcase that apparently has revolutionary laptop packing technology! and her grandmother is most concerned about how izzy will be away from a real kitchen for so long. you can surprise izzy (and make her grandmother happy!) with some of her favorite foods: french toast, shrimp, red bell peppers, and bagels.

what we all at glassybaby admire most is izzy’s artistic touch, and how she has been able to honor her grandmother by pursuing her own passion of sketching, painting, and continuing to love life’s beauty. we know that words have a hard time capturing what that healing power actually is. watching a candle burn in a glassybaby, or an afternoon spent sketching flowers with grandma – it’s exactly how izzy put it: taking time for beauty by being “present, peaceful, and tending our inner zen garden.”