nature is speaking

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there’s a photograph of my mother and younger sister, taken many years ago at the ocean, when my sister was barely old enough to speak, and certainly young enough to wear a silly-looking bathing suit with matching bonnet. the two of them are filled with joy: a mother, helping her daughter stand on her two feet on the soft sand; and a daughter, perhaps during her first ever visit to the ocean.

when i think of my mother, this photograph sometimes comes into my mind. my mother, my sister, and the ocean. for my mother, home is any place near the sea, and any place near her family. as a family, we have spent much of our time together in the sand: building sandcastles, riding waves, sharing sunscreen and most importantly, walking alongside one another, for so many sandy miles. the sound of the waves, no matter if it is the first thing i hear when i awake, or the final thing i hear before falling asleep, will always conjure up feelings of my mother.

so when i first saw the ocean glassybaby in person, i immediately thought of my mother. the small sketch of the wave brought me back to that photograph i described, brought me back to a walk with my mom on a windy night in florida, brought me back to my mom sitting in her chair, feet buried in the warm sand, a book in her hands. the wave carried me back to so many warm memories of my mother, and helped me realize there are still more to come, especially when i visit her this holiday season. such a small sketch brought me tremendous joy as i thought of my mother’s beautiful soul.

glassybaby is proud to partner with conservation international to honor nature’s beauty. the new, nature is speaking set allows us all to shine a light on the good that conservation international is doing. these beautifully subtle designs brings the dialogue back to something essential: nature, and how we all are a part of this natural world.

i was able to sit down with jeffry mitchell to learn about how these designs came about. after a handful of drafts, jeffry told me that he and marissa brooks, glassybaby creative director who has a superb eye for color, were able to settle on the final eight designs. according to jeffry, some of the challenges included “reducing the designs,” as they are originally much larger than what you see. another challenge proved to be the simplicity in the designs: “simple is hard,” jeffry explained. nature is such a complex, multifaceted concept, and to distill it into subtle, beautiful shapes took tremendous focus. i decided to push jeffry on this, asking him what it’s like to be in the middle of a drawing and where his concentration and focus lie in those moments. he explained that drawing is “engaged work” for him, offering him a sense of “general happiness” that comes from the “satisfaction of problem solving.” he also mentioned that he doesn’t ever shy away from a challenge like drawing nature, because for jeffry, drawing is something he feels he’s “supposed to do.”

and all of us here at glassybaby are thrilled with the beautiful designs that jeffry created. the joy comes from his art, and the good that it will do: 10% of all proceeds from this set will be donated to the conservation international nature is speaking series to ensure a healthy, productive planet for everyone. you can learn more about the partnership here, and you can see how mericos and izzy are getting involved during the glassroots tour with edward norton!