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glassybaby is shining its light on food banks this holiday season, focusing on all of the good that they do for our entire community. the ambitious goal of feeding and keeping our friends and neighbors healthy throughout the year always takes a little extra love during the holidays: as the temperature lowers, the cost of living rises. it can be a beautiful time of year for holiday decorations, but it can prove to be a difficult time of year for many in our community.

for this reason, we are proud to be working with organizations like rainier valley food bank. their mission, “to provide healthy food for our hungry neighbors,” is ultimately their vision: to achieve “a hunger-free rainier valley.” rainier valley’s modest beginnings involved serving just 50 families a week 23 years ago. now, 1000 volunteers serve about 11,000 families each month. these are families of all ages – children who need a healthy diet to focus in school, to be teammates on sports teams, to be able to achieve their dreams; parents who need some assistance in keeping their families healthy; and many more individuals who need the sustenance of a well-balanced meal. the food bank reaches those by opening their doors, and by knocking on doors: on-site distribution days, home delivery, and to-go food bags all seek serve those who live close or far, can travel or cannot, have time or have very little of it.

oregon food bank also strives to end hunger, and our very own mericos and izzy spent time there during their glassroots tour. it’s a story that chronicles the individuals who are making lasting impacts on so many lives, and some of the challenges that a seemingly hugely-successful food bank actually has. mericos and izzy also highlight how resilient this food bank is, using technology to make the absolute most of the donations they receive, and to ensure that little to no food is wasted. cooking classes, public community rooms, loads of volunteers – this food bank has the resources and inspiration to reach so many this holiday season and beyond. it is in the spirit of these volunteers that has us thinking how kindfull many people will be this holiday season.

to be kindfull is an action, one that nourishes the body and soul. to feel kindfull is simple – to feel touched by kindness – but sometimes the simplest emotions are the hardest to describe. perhaps it is this: that full-body “tingle” that comes when overcome with warmth, affection and love – an emotional reminder of how much love there is in your world.

and glassybaby will share that love this holiday season, with the kindfull campaign that will provide five meals for every glassybaby sold. ultimately, those five meals will turn into 500,000 meals for the hungry this holiday season. that overwhelming warmth, affection and love will be bountiful this year because of you, and all of the wonderful light you will help us shine on the food banks that provide a lift for so many.

you will be able to track how many meals your holiday shopping will provide by way of the colorful circular stickers that you will receive in stores. those stickers will be on display in our stores, as all of us will come together to fill the glassybaby kindfull posters as we strive to reach our goal of 500,000 meals. it’s just another way to show that our glassybaby community is doing the most good – keeping our communities fed and healthy this holiday season.