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before i sat down with megan and meagan at the lucile packard foundation for children’s health, i didn’t know what a child life specialist was. it didn’t take long for me to learn, and it certainly made me grateful to know that there are a total of 22 child life specialists at lucile packard children’s hospital stanford.

imagine entering a hospital knowing only one thing: you are sick. the cause of the sickness, how long your health will continue to suffer, and what it will take to get better are all lost on you. your family is there with you, but your work, your school, and your entire life is uprooted because once you enter that hospital, you are checking-in, and effectively checking-out of your normal routine.

now imagine that you are a young child. on top of everything i just mentioned, you do not know what goes on inside a hospital. a doctor requests scans and tests. the length of the iv needle is intimidating. the pokes, prods, and pricks hurt – how are these meant to help you feel better?

lucile packard children’s hospital stanford understands that kids need a chance to just be kids, even when in the hospital. with the help of 22 child life specialists, they ensure these children can be comfortable when facing procedures and treatments.

sarah grace’s story is one that touched all of us here at glassybaby. at the hospital for a ct scan, sarah grace was not going to be given general anesthesia. instead, she would need to remain awake – and absolutely still in a noisy, dark and small space – for her 40-minute scan. but rather than being overwhelmed and afraid of her plight, sarah grace had helen, her child life specialist, there to help her build confidence. together, they talked about the scan, they hooked up a two-way radio so they could communicate during the scan, and they even used a stuffed bunny to practice inserting an iv. sarah grace’s prep with helen proved to be invaluable: she came away from the hospital that day with a smile on her face, hand-in-hand with her mother.

glassybaby is proud to honor patients like sarah grace by donating 10% of our new glassybaby, grateful red, to lucile packard children’s hospital stanford. our partnership helps us celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our san francisco store. it is one  way to show how grateful we are for all of the good lucile packard children’s hospital stanford is doing for children’s health.