kindness is spontaneous. thanks for being part of light the bridge.

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This morning our community rallied at the crack of dawn to help launch the glassybaby white light fund. Beyond our wildest dreams, 1,228 people arrived at the I-90 Bridge at 4:30 am, and spanned the length of the bridge, each holding a glowing special edition white light glassybaby. If kindness could be an art installation, they pulled it off this morning. A rope of hope I will remember forever.  

glassybaby has always given back 10% of sales to our giving partners who help heal people, the planet, and dogs. today’s launch of the glassybaby white light fund carries this tradition forward through a non-profit fund which will receive 10% of sales and then share that with giving partners carrying out important work. The glassybaby white light fund will elevate our giving, taking it to the next level. It recognizes that we are well past $3 million in giving and we needed a foundation to help shepherd a significant amount of giving to the right places.  

Kindness is spontaneous. We will always spontaneously give to causes near and dear to us and in need of help. Our roots have always been in giving to uncompensated healthcare. I saw first hand people who couldn’t afford parking for chemotherapy, and it’s always been my passion and that of glassybaby, to provide funding for these essentials that allow for healing. For the past month, we have been raising money for 50 phone cards so that breast cancer patients in treatment can afford to call their doctors and loved ones while they are receiving treatment.  And this is the focus of the glassybaby white light fund. We will continue to support a range of non-profits all working together towards a society in which every one can access healing and embrace wellness. 

The #lightthebridge event this morning allowed our entire community, old and new, to come together and be part of an event that will donate $66,000, 100% of all sales of each white light glassybaby created for this event to hard working organizations focused on healing, wellness and hope. This is only the beginning of the glassybaby white light fund, the next chapter in glassybaby’s giving. We can’t wait to write the checks and see the results. And we appreciate everyone who joined us today and showed the world that kindness is contagious, and what can happen if you just get up early enough.  

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view our light the bridge donation recipients: http://glassybabywhitelightfund.org/winners