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a guest blog from glassybaby social media manager, Jasmine Tudor 14309505291a722d8a7f58da62b4401c1cda6b6d56

it’s spring-time again. flowers are blooming, wild life is appearing, and the sun is peaking out from behind those dusky winter clouds. you can smell it in the air, this is a time for new beginnings. 

A way i like to welcome all these changes is by updating the color palette of my home to match the season.

i change out my dark winter sweaters for airy spring dresses; my cozy duvet for a white quilt; and, my winter color glassybaby to a lighter spring palette.

I like my home to look and feel like spring. glassybaby are an easy way for me to change the feeling of my home, without breaking the bank by purchasing a new yellow couch on a trendy whim.

What does this look like? I think that the easiest way to choose a new palette is to choose something you love for inspiration and mirror your glassybaby selection off of that.

So, what do you look forward to about this season? Maybe the pretty pastels of easter or the beautiful color of the green trees that are reappearing around you.

For my own inspiration, I took to my favorite place to find décor motivation: pinterest. I find the images that bring to mind the beauty of spring and then look for glassybaby colors that mimic the essence of those photos.

Need some help? Visit our stores or call our customer service, bring a photo or an idea and we’ll help you create your own custom spring palette.

Send your creation to social@glassybaby.com. i’d love to see what you’ve come up with.