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Blog post courtesy of Donna Lindsay, Marketing and Communications Manager at Camp Korey.


Camp Korey empowers children and families living with serious medical conditions through year-round, life changing experiences, always free of charge. Since 2007, glassybaby has partnered with Camp Korey to deliver magical experiences that help children build confidence, self-esteem and resiliency, while dealing with difficult medical situations that may make them feel isolated and alone. Camp Korey offers a chance for children to disconnect from the stress of their medical condition, and just enjoy the joyful adventures of childhood with other kids going through shared experiences. Like glassybaby’s newly launched White Light Fund, Camp Korey works to promote hope and healing.

2015 is a BIG year for Camp Korey as they celebrate 10 years of joy, growth and healing here in the Pacific Northwest. From their initial 64 campers, to the estimated 4,655 campers, families and patients served in 2014, glassybaby has supported the amazing opportunities offered by Camp. In November 2007, glassybaby designers created ‘angel’, a special glassybaby that showcases the healing power of camp. Proceeds from each sale of ‘angel’ go to help children and families enjoy the simple joys and laughter of childhood as they heal and bond.

Camp Korey is a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network founded by Paul Newman and offers three core programs; an 8-week residential summer camp, 10 Family Weekend camps in the spring and fall, and year-round Camp to You outreach in local healthcare facilities in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. Camp Korey is made possible because of the generous support of the community, and a strong network of volunteers. Learn more about Camp Korey at www.campkorey.org.