home for the holidays

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on vast open grasslands, among woods and hills and dusty plains, families of elephants and humans have lived side by side for millennia. like people, the great grey herds of the savannah play, love, and teach their young an intricate set of values and knowledge.

today the ivory trade has driven a rift between the ancient neighbors, as young men from broken human families hunt for tusks and, in the process, break families of elephants. orphaned elephants struggle in the wild,without the guidance and protection of the elders. 

this december, glassybaby is joining Conservation International to support the orphans of the ivory trade. 10% of every online sale will go directly to the Reteti Elephant Preserve. this new project, near the Namunyak Nature Preserve in Northern Kenya, provides shelter and support for orphaned young elephants, and by engaging the local community to help, heals the ancient bond between human and elephant families.

when you give ‘home’, you give young elephants a home of their own.

meet home.