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glassybaby has grown up based on three great ideas: giving, color, and craft.
we give 10% of revenue to support hope and healing. we create votive holders in hundreds of beautiful, unique colors. we employ 80 glassblowers to craft each votive by hand in the United States. most other things about the company can and will change; these three things won’t.
giving color craft is also an action that describes what we do at glassybaby: we take pure color and we give it form, we give it craft.
behind these three ideas are a thousand stories. we can’t wait to share those stories with you on our new glassybaby blog: giving color craft
each bi-weekly blog post will focus on one of the three ideas: an organization to which we give and the way it benefits the world; colorful stories, anecdotes or character profiles; or a glimpse into the complex and highly-skilled craft of making glassybaby.

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