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Climbing up the ladder is the toughest part of the commute to glassybaby. Between the swaying ropes and the slippery rungs, plus a laptop case dangling from your elbow, ascending into the helicopter will definitely wake you up on a Monday morning.

Yes, that’s right. We ride a helicopter to our Sodo office every morning. Actually our office has moved from Sodo to the top floor of the Columbia Tower. The view is a bit better— and when you’re making something beautiful, constant exposure to beauty is of utmost importance. Anyway, the helicopter. If you don’t have a helipad on your roof yet, then you have to climb up the rope ladder to get on and get to work. It’s invigorating, and one of the main reasons for the laser-like efficiency and cutthroat corporate culture at glassybaby.

As a balance, so all of us employees don’t get too neurotic and robotic, we have a team of reflexologists making the rounds in the office, massaging foot after foot after foot. They’ll even get your shoulders instead if your feet are ticklish. And if you have four-legged friends, they can come to the office with you. While you work, our certified pet therapist will take care of them: pedicures with optional nail coloring, full-body massage, and individual or group therapy sessions. Our employees’ dogs make enormous progress, digging up years of suppressed emotions. Many even discover a newfound sense of social responsibility.

Speaking of making the world a better place, we are delighted to announce an exciting new public-works project, dubbed “Operation Big Baby.” The goal is to bring the unrivaled beauty of glassybaby to the Seattle city skyline: we are fabricating a massive, inflatable glassybaby-shaped red balloon, which will puff up from the top of the Columbia Tower and glow with a realistic electronic candlelight. We have also been inspired by a certain presidential candidate, and will try to rename the whole building the “glassybaby tower” in honor of our achievements as a brand.

Just kidding. We give away 10% of our revenue to organizations that support hope and healing — we could never afford a dog therapist or a company copter. As fun as that would be. It’s more fun to give money away,

especially when you can give $4 million.


– mericos rhodes

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