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It takes a lot of love to make each glassybaby and then put it in your hands, in your life. Most beautiful things that humans make are that way: born of love.

At glassybaby we are a team of love. You could call us employees, but that would miss what matters. Sure, somewhere there’s a spreadsheet that arranges us by hours, salary, title — but we do more than trade our time for your money. We’re not just employees, when we work, we are people. We bring love and skill and care every day.

To celebrate employee appreciation day, we’re sharing the stories of ten glassybaby people, as told by their co-workers. Each story is introduced with a name, job title, and a glassybaby color that represents their ethos.

Check back each day for a new story.

Ali Laboda, Customer Service

Ali greets each phone call like the first one she has ever received. Her voice is cheerful, calm and inviting. Each customer that calls customer service has Ali’s complete attention.

The phone call can be a simple question or can be a very lengthy conversation. Ali will take pictures of glassybaby for customers who cannot decide, pick out beautiful color combinations to send to someone’s vacation home, or find the perfectly-named glassybaby to express a loss, win or special occasion. Ali does all of this with a smile on her face and calmness that is contagious to the person on the other end of the line. Ali has worn many hats at glassybaby-her customer service hat has been her best. Her glassybaby light shines brightly.

Hannah Louis, Corporate Sales California, courage

Hannah is silent but deadly. Customers are drawn to her likable personality, calmness and gentle spirit. A lot of people would think that in corporate sales you have to be aggressive, but Hannah has demonstrated you don’t need to be that way. She makes customers feel at ease when placing large orders and confident that all the steps needed to complete the order are done perfectly. When doing corporate sales you need to be extremely patient-some sales might take months, organized-you could be shipping to many addresses, and charismatic-you are in sales. Hannah exemplifies all of these traits. She walked into our SF store a couple of years ago looking for a job and I knew that she was a keeper.

Guy Farris, Road Shows Manager, sassy

Guy is the National Roadshow Manager. He spreads glassybaby love around the country. Oftentimes, to people who have never heard of us. He is amazing at telling the story of who we are and why we do what we do. He embodies glassybaby, he is kind, caring, warm and just a little bit sassy…


JP Liddle, Director of Partner Development, rubber ducky

JP is a people person. He’s a great listener and thoughtful conversationalist, who was a very good Dir. of HR for glassybaby. But he’s also a die-hard Eagles fan, with all the competitive spirit and rabid intensity that choice demands. So when we were looking for someone to take over our Partner Development, evangelize the glassybaby story, build productive win-win partnerships, and drive our road show crew’s rapid expansion, he jumped at the chance. Nine months into his new gig, he has exceeded expectations. And it appears he is just getting going. He’s the right guy for a very important job. Now if the Eagles can figure out how to meet their expectations, all will be well in JP-land.

Cindy Kiefer, Bellevue Store Manager, hugs

glassybaby is lucky to have Cindy Kiefer. As well as being very reliable she (of course) knows all the “duties” of the job – how to open and close the store, how to ring up a sale, how to inventory, restock, design a display, keep our store looking beautiful, and how to tie the perfect bow. However, what makes Cindy so special is she is always ready to listen to our customer’s stories and help them find the perfect glassybaby.  We often say in the Bellevue store, “it’s not a day at glassybaby unless you have laughed too hard, cried just a little and hugged someone”.


Cindy not only takes great care of our clients but also her co-workers.  She helps to train our new employees to have confidence,  has organized our store’s Secret Santa each year, always seems to have a card for everyone to sign either for someone’s birthday, anniversary or whatever the case may be, has a funny story to share or simply a smile. I have even seen Cindy hug a stranger who has become a new glassybaby friend after sharing a sad memory.
I choose the glassybaby hugs for Cindy.  She not only will hug someone in need of a hug – but hugs us by her daily actions.

Kim Taylor, Online Order Fulfillment, strength


Kim packs all the web orders. Many of these web orders are gifts for someone who has never received a glassybaby before. It is Kim’s job to pick the most beautiful glassybaby. Then she boxes, adds it’s color card, a wrapped tea light, a topper card and a story card. The package is made beautiful with a perfectly tied bow on top. She gives it her personal touch by hand-writing a note to each gift recipient. When the package arrives, its recipient feels the same as as they would in our store. Kim has been with us for over 7 years. She can tie a bow like no one and is the fastest tea light bag stuffer you have ever laid eyes on. She is a glassybaby ambassador. We are grateful for Kim’s dedication and loyalty to glassybaby.


Bill Ledbetter, Quality Control Manager, master of the universe

All glassybaby must flow through the hands of Bill Ledbetter. He is the gatekeeper, watching over and inspecting each glassybaby before they make it into the stores. Bill also peers into the sea of finished products to search for patterns or specific technical traits exhibited by each glassblower. Depending on how well the babies were made that day, he lets the teams know how they can improve their techniques.
Because Bill’s department touches every part of the company, his glassybaby color is master of the universe.


Alyssa Hull, Gaffer, grateful red

Alyssa Hull is one of our lead gaffers in Madrona and she makes some of our best looking glassybaby. Alyssa always goes the extra mile to make sure the fit and finish of her product is perfect. Nobody on the floor knows more about our many colors than Alyssa, and she is an excellent resource for all of us.

Because we are thankful she is here to make such nice looking glass, and she makes this one particularly nice, Alyssa’s glassybaby color is grateful red.


Ryan, Berkeley Hot Shop Tech, everlasting

Our Berkeley hot shop technician Ryan fabricates equipment that is specialized for Glassybaby. Ryan is passionate about what he does and takes great pride in what he builds. He builds it in such a way that it will last a long time. One piece of equipment that stands out to me is the mold station that he built for Madrona- it has produced close to one million votives, and would have probably lasted forever had it not been replaced by a new version that he also fabricated. Ryan has now also been with glassybaby for close to 10 years.


Raya Friday, Research and Development, passion

As the head of our R&D team, every glassybaby hue comes to be because of our brilliant Raya. Raya is very passionate about glass and what she does for glassybaby, and she does it very well.  When you engage her in a conversation about glass or any tasks of her job, she always demonstrates her passion.



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