the glassybaby color tour

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glassybaby is on the road again.

we are off on our color tour, delivering our bay area road show van to it’s new ‘home sweet home’. We couldn’t make the trip without visiting all of our friends on the way (and some not so on the way) so we are traveling down the entire pacific coast, setting up glassybaby pop up shops as we go.

Check out where we’ll be headed–for further details click the date and location:


Follow us on the tour:





What is the color tour?

The color tour is a series of pop up shops (or what we call “glassybaby road shows”) where we will go to a non-glassybaby store location and sell glassybaby. 10% of the sales for that day will always be donated to a nonprofit of our host’s choosing. In April 2016 we will be embarking on our color tour, making our way down the entire pacific coast. We will be ending our tour in the bay area where we’ll now have a full time van and road show team.

Where will we be going?

Check out where we’ll be going on the tour above. Not all of our exact times and locations are confirmed, but no matter what, we’ll be in those cities, on that date ready to help you find your perfect glassybaby.

What glassybaby will we have?

Our road show team members are pros at picking out our most popular and beautiful glassybaby. We will be bringing an array of our bestsellers as well as exclusively selling our never before seen glassybaby ‘home sweet home’. But don’t worry, we know it’s hard to choose and if we don’t have the exact color you are looking for, we can order it for you at the road show and ship it for free to anywhere within the continental usa. Check out our colors here.

Want us to stop in your city?

We are always looking for new partners and cities to visit. If you know someone who can host us we’ll try to get to you. Contact us at