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 what is glassybaby?

glassybaby are handmade glass votives and drinking glasses. a work of art, as unique as the individual who chooses one, formed by eight hands, born in the bay, citizens of the world, each with its own name, one of a kind. kind of like you.

this is glassybaby one of a kindness.

since day one, glassybaby lovers have been all about giving, and giving back. in this spirit, 10% of our revenue goes directly to local nonprofits that support people in all kinds of need.
every gift you give is a distinctive, memorable expression of your own kind of kindness. glassybaby carry uplifting stories like threads, weaving together a community who share this common spirit of giving.

we’ve moved into our new home at the stanford shopping center


come visit us:


180 El Camino Real

Palo Alto, CA 94304


click here for map

mon-fri: 10-9

sat: 10-7

sun: 11-6

*home sweet home is available for preorder only at glassybaby palo alto

did you know glassybaby is made in the bay?


“it is at the core of this company to give back.” –lee rhodes, founder

to date, with the help of our amazing community of kindness, we have donated over $4.5 million.


our journey has only just begun. seeing how far this giving community has come, just imagine where this precious vessel will take us tomorrow as, together, we give back one million more, and one million more.