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we considered running this by her because lee is very involved in how we talk with our community. when you create and nourish a brand for 15 years as she has, you tend to know what our community does and doesn’t want to hear from us. and among the things she encourages us to avoid is anything self-congratulatory. but this one time, we are going rogue and uncensored.

it was announced today that lee is a finalist in the Pacific Northwest region for Ernst and Young’s 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year® award.

this prestigious award recognizes the most innovative leaders in business. everyone here at glassybaby is very proud that lee is a finalist. so we wanted to share the news with our community. because it’s not just her passion, but also ours and yours, that have truly earned this honor.

but while proud, we aren’t altogether surprised. look at the math. 10% of glassybaby sales, adding up to more than $1 million per year, is donated to non-profits who help people, animals and the planet heal. for perspective, that’s like giving away your marketing budget, or at least ours. yet all of this giving has driven double digit growth – in revenue and giving – year after year, and represents a radically innovative approach to business. innovation created by a true blue leader,  and  centered in kindness.

again, lee would never want to talk about this, or want us to talk about it. so if she asks, you never read this. and whatever you do, please don’t let on how proud we are.

dan baldino

creative director