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My glassybaby journey began at Christmas 2014, when my daughter presented to me a little white box with a beautiful white bow on top. The contents of this box set into motion a kind of healing magic, that can’t easily be explained and can only be felt with a willing heart.

That morning ‘angel’ came into my life. A pretty yellow handmade candleholder, along with a small white gift card that read, “now there are two angels watching over you.” With tears in my eyes I looked at my daughter Christine to show her that I understood the two angels that she referred to were my Mother and my Father, who had both passed away just a few months earlier.

That story began in mid April 2014, when both of my elderly parents became severely ill. My four siblings and I rallied together to tackle the difficult and life changing task of caring for the two of them and then escorting them both gracefully through the sunset of their lives. Mom made it just 45 days with around the clock care from all of us. With unspeakable suffering, my dad would last just two short months without mom by his side. My parents were married for 65 years and were separated by death for 63 days.

Theirs was a true love story.

The days following that Christmas, Christine sat with me while we looked at the glassybaby website together. My daughter already new of the magic they possessed, but I did not.

As we looked through each beautiful description and color, I began to see their purpose. But it wasn’t until a week or so later, while feeling so sad over my loss that I thought of the babies again.


And so it began.

Each time I glanced through the website, as if destiny, the glassybaby that most accurately conveyed the emotion I was feeling seemed to jump out at me. First, it was ‘Faith’, then ‘Strength’, and then ‘Hope’. I would eagerly await the two short days for my new babies to arrive. Once in my home, their healing magic began to speak to me in a way I didn’t know was possible.


How they helped me through the grieving process was immeasurable.

Every morning in that dark winter, I would light the little tea light and place it in the beautiful blown glass votive. Sometimes I would cry, other times I would simply settle into the peace that each one was so happy to lend me. Weeks later, while missing my parents so much, I ordered again from the website, this time ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’.


Again that healing magic soothed my soul.

Next, came ‘Love’, ‘Courage’ and ‘Kindfull’, and I would light whichever baby I needed at that moment in time. ‘Day One’ and ‘Begin Again’ would illuminate my home with the promise of better days to come.

As the months passed and I found myself becoming whole again, I found myself thinking happier thoughts and so I wanted what I call “the happy babies” to make their presence in my life and warm my heart.

So along came ‘Tulip’ (which I nicknamed ‘Happy’, because it would make me smile when I would light it) and ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Valor’ and ‘Goodness’. ‘Seattle Sunset’ brightens my soul when I’m missing my daughter who now lives in Seattle.

On the first anniversary of my mother’s death I ordered ‘Remembrance’, and together with my ‘Mom’ glassybaby, the two of them would bring feelings of joy and calm. And then 63 days later, ‘Dad’ would join the pair, and I would have a good cry.

And then there is ‘Roots’, a special gift from my son Michael. As I opened it and read his note, it revealed a story of deep family love. First brought forth by God, instilled in my parents, then me for my own family. He understands the magic of glassybaby and the importance of roots, legacy and how it guides our lives.

On the year anniversary of my very first glassybaby, ‘Fearless’, ‘Faith’, ‘True Blue’, ’Wingman’ and ‘Great Oak’, joyfully entered into the lives of each of my family members, each with their own special purpose. My list of glassybaby and their stories goes on and on, but I will stop with these.


glassybaby, I just have one question, how do you do it? How do you capture such healing magic?

However it is done, I am thankful for it.

You made an entrance into my life and brought with it warmth and beauty and comfort and hope and healing. You were a lovely presence through my time of grief and a constant reminder of present joy.

By the way, rare is the day that I light any glassybaby, whether I’m feeling happy or sad, that I don’t put my first beautiful ‘Angel’ next to it.

Thank you for being a part of my life,

Terri Priddy,

Boise, Idaho


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