thank you teacher

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thank you to everyone who nominated a teacher for our ‘thank you teacher’ campaign.

we had a lot of amazing teachers nominated and are excited to announce the teachers who will join us for a complimentary glassblowing one-on-one.



cathy hink



“Ms. Hink is a veteran kindergarten teacher at Moorlands Elementary in Kenmore Washington.

She is a technology lead for our district and even teaches teachers across the state innovative ways that she is using technology in her classroom and to communicate with the parents of her students. She communicates to the entire parent community daily sharing photos, videos and personalized feedback for our students through an app called Seesaw.

She is always looking for ways to teach the children in a way that resonates with them. Just this week with less then a month of school she rearranged her entire classroom to better accommodate the needs of all learning styles.

She created a standing desk area, a floor seated area and the traditional desk style. She genuinely loves each student and provides them with an incredible introduction to education. I strongly believe she is one of the best teachers in the state and I know she would find a way to share back this experience with her students!”

“This teacher is one that you want to have at your family dinners! She truly loves each child she teaches and impowers them to love to learn. She shines her gift of teaching to us parents and gives us encouragement daily!”

George Hofbauer


“George Hofbauer spent the last 40+ years of his life dedicating himself to the successful education and enrichment of young minds – especially those in kindergarten through eighth grade (though he also participated in high school education at O’Dea High School in his early years).
During his tenure at St. Joseph School, he established the Rainbow School program in Central Seattle and created the Fulcrum Foundation which assists many families in need by providing tuition assistance.
George spent most of his 40+ years in education at St. Joseph School on Capitol Hill, and in June will be retiring from his final calling at Holy Rosary School in West Seattle. During his last years, he helped transform Holy Rosary into a STEM school and worked tirelessly to help raise funds for those in need.”


bay area


zoe wilson



“Zoe is the most dedicated teacher this side of the Mississippi.

She works for a non-profit school called Core Academy teaching students in unique ways of learning. After teaching to her students all day, she tutors middle-schoolers. She says this her favorite part of the day where she can be a little more open and free to teach as she wants as it is one on one.

She wakes up at 5 am and most days doesn’t get home until 9 pm or later.

She is so dedicated to her students and loves what she does! She never complains and always has a smile on her face… She even started a Cat Club for her students and had awesome shirts made that she rocks.

Zoe is a young adult living in Oakland and chooses her students and teaching over her social life. I can not express to you how great of a teacher she is and how much her students love her.

Teachers like Zoe are teaching children that it is perfectly okay for them to embrace their different learning styles.”

Megan Burns



“She had two high needs special education students in her class this year and they felt loved,accepted and encouraged.

They both are different children because of her! I am the Resource Specialist

and I couldn’t do my job without her on our team!”

to all teachers,

thank you.

say thank you to your teacher