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Call me a celebration junkie.

Any excuse to stop and savor life’s fleeting and beautiful moments, I’m in.

To create them from scratch (but without a whole lot of hassle and prep)?

Even better.

So, as I round the corner into the final month and wedding countdown (!!) and this cute season of celebration, it seems fitting to share some of my favorite ways to you know, celebrate life.

Whether its a shower or a wedding or a birthday or, even just a Wednesday.

Because finding the joy and beauty in life is a choice.

And one that leads to a more inspired life.

So, let’s celebrate a little, shall we?

Bridal Shower How-To (and the best drink recipes) via @simplyrealhealth

An inside peek at a little bridal party shoot I did at glassybaby‘s headquarters in Madrona, Seattle.

(Which, side note- did you know, they rent it out for events? It’s almost too adorable in there. Maybe we need a little Simply Real Health party there soon.)

I love collaborating with brands like this, that I both dearly love their product (ok, fine, obsessed with their product), and fully believe in their mission for daily beauty, joy and giving back to the community. Read more about their amazing story, here, if you don’t already know it.

Let’s start with the table.

Bridal Shower How To (and the best drink recipes) via @simplyrealhealth

I used 4 colors for this soft and romantic palate: beach bum, princess, dream, and celebrate. The best names in the bunch, right?

Since it was a daytime event, I used the glassybaby as cute little vases with a mix of peonies, baby’s breath and lots of greenery, instead of their usual glowy candle use.

The entire table could be filled this way, with only 3 flower bunches from the store (aka, hello, easy set up). Scatter a few of the green leaves around the table for a more whimsical and fun vibe.

To toast, a little DIY bar, of course. Because build-your-own anything is always more fun (and, again, the easiest. See my theme?)

Bridal Shower How To (and the best drink recipes) via @simplyrealhealth

Lillet blanc + club soda + mint

So, lillet is my new favorite apertif for summer. It’s French and well, that label. How can you not?

Lillet is a aged wine with a light and slightly sweet taste that’s great for use in other cocktails, but pairs perfectly with club soda for a daytime little lunch. It also comes in red and rose varieties!

Pomegranate iced tea + strawberries

This iced tea is my go-to, everytime I do a brunch or shower. Color wise, stop it.

But taste wise, it’s great too, without any added sugar needed. Find the teabags at Trader Joe’s and steep 8-10 bags in warm water and chill, all of which can be done beforehand (again, so simple and easy).

Prosecco + candied ginger + mint

All of the above, from Trader Joe’s. Easy and done.

Bridal Shower How To (and the best drink recipes) via @simplyrealhealth

Nametags and cutie drink signs will always up your game. These, by the darling Letters By Ellen. Her calligraphy classes are amazing if you’re in the Seattle area!

looking for some beautiful colors to light your bridal shower?

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