what dads really want

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Father’s Day is different for every father.

However, I love hearing my daughter’s voice

and would love a picture of us to remind us of all

of the great times we’ve shared throughout the years.

Spending time with her, over coffee or cocktails, is the best gift.

– Bruce Martin

happy hour

Our day to day lives are so busy

and filled with so much noise–sports,

homework, school activities, computers, our phones etc…

All I really want for Father’s Day

is one day where we can slow down

and spend some time together.

–  JP Liddle


craft cocktail classes,

new bar glasses

and a yummy dinner

that I don’t have to cook.

– Jeff Peffer

night cap

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest,

I just love to get outside.

So anything with fresh air and my family;

a day of hiking, a picnic

or let’s go to a soccer game.

– Gary Tudor


cheers dad