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Summer is here, friends! Hooray! And that means that wedding season is in full swing, so even better! This means toasts and cheers galore, which calls for cocktails galore! It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?!

In case you couldn’t tell, this is my favorite season, so I’m hopping over from Dandy & Fine Parties today to share my top tips on just how to create the perfect bar for your wedding. I’ve been super inspired by beach weddings lately (’tis the season!) so I created a bar scene that very spirit. Though, the tips I’ll be sharing will be general so that they are applicable to all wedding bar setups. What can I say, I’m an equal opportunity designer!


  1. Gorgeous Glassware – I’m incredibly obsessed with pretty glassware, and ever since glassybaby introduced their drinkers I am finding every opportunity possible to use them for anything from dinner parties to clients’ weddings. Did you know that glassybaby rents their beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces? Oh yes they do! The fizz and splash glassybaby drinkers set the tone of this beach bar setting. Even the names are perfect!
  2. Create A Scene – Think about some of your favorite bars. Beautiful bars are made up of so much more than a bar top and some glass bottles. Inevitably, the bars that we are most drawn to evoke a specific style and encompass an aesthetic that tells a story. Your wedding bar style will undoubtedly fall under the umbrella of your overall wedding style, but you want it to feel like its own little moment within the big picture – like a vignette of sorts. To create your scene, pull together fun pieces that help tell the story – like vases, mirrors, signage, wall hangings/installations, rugs and more. Anything goes that fits the style of your event, so get creative!
  3. Serve A Specialty Cocktail – Specialty cocktails were introduced to weddings many moons ago, but they certainly aren’t going away anytime soon. Especially with the craft cocktail phenomenon that seems to be evergreen. Who doesn’t love a handcrafted boozy beverage?! Specialty cocktails are a fun way to incorporate a liquor based beverage into your cocktail menu without breaking the bank on a completely open bar, and you can serve your guests something that is special that the two of you love!
  4. Drink Accessories – Every beautiful beverage deserves an accessory! Swizzle sticks add the perfect detail and are practical, too. Win, win! There are so many cute options available out in the market, or if you are the creative type, you can very easily make your own!
  5. DIY Bar – (this one is optional) Most wedding venues will require you to have a hosted bar, but if you have the opportunity to have a DIY bar it is such a fun way to go! This style of bar is such a hot trend right now, too. DIY bars make the most sense for more intimate weddings where you won’t have 100+ guests waiting in line to make their drink (buzz kill!). So pick and choose this option wisely. If it is the right fit for you, the best way to do it is to include signage that lists the instructions on how to create the cocktail. Then, include all of the ingredients at the bar and let the guests have at it! It will get your guests interacting right away and they’ll even learn something new in the process!

So you wanna know what specialty cocktail I chose for this beach bar setup? I know you do! It’s one of my summertime favorites.


Tasting Notes: Crisp, Cooling, Effervescent & Refreshing
Difficulty Level: Easy breezy!

Ingredients (per cocktail)

  • 2oz. Magellan Gin (this one is important – Magellan is the best gin partner for cucumber!)
  • 4oz. Cucumber Dry Soda
  • 1tbsp. Fresh Pressed Cucumber Juice (if you don’t have a juicer, don’t fret! simply replace with 1/4 cucumber, chopped & muddled)
  • Splash of Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (because it’s extra delicious!)
  • Ice
  • Thinly Sliced Cucumber & Dill Sprigs (for garnish)

Mix it up!

  1. Add gin, cucumber dry soda, cucumber juice (or muddled cucumber), and a little ice into a pint glass or cocktail shaker
  2. Mix ingredients together by stirring
  3. Fill your glassybaby drinker halfway with ice
  4. Pour cocktail into drinker
  5. Top with tonic water
  6. Garnish with sliced cucumber & a dill sprig
  7. Sip, be refreshed, and celebrate!

Mmm! Now I’m craving one of these tasty beverages, how about you?! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

Thank you so much, glassybaby, for inviting me over today! So much fun, as always!

Cheers! XO Brynn Renné

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