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consider for a moment how you have walked today. perhaps there was a midnight walk to get a drink of water—eyelids heavy and feet doing the slipper shuffle through your home. Or maybe there was the stroll through a park—your four-legged friend leading the way, bounding with all kinds of joy. sidewalks, staircases, hallways—we walk on all kinds of surfaces through many different settings.

put rather simply, we walk to get from point a to point b: the intention of each walk being so habitual that we often do not even think about the act at all.

but when people come together for a cause, like the 55-mile immediate impact breast cancer walk, moving from point a to point b becomes something so much more powerful. trina chow knows this, that’s why she and her friends meet regularly throughout the year, training on the weekends, getting ready for the walk that will take place in october. “inspiring” is how trina puts it: five months of training, with friends who motivate each other to walk 10, 15, even 20 miles in a single day.

it’s a travelling community—friends who share stories, a laugh, and a lift: supporting one another through trying times. indeed, when this community walks together, their impact is immediate on one another and on the world. together, they have helped raise over $200,000 in the past two years to help those afflicted by breast cancer.

the walk’s proceeds go to local beneficiaries like the breast cancer emergency fund, which assists those battling breast cancer with financial support for living expenses, such as housing and utility bills. there’s the charlotte maxwell free clinic that provides emotional and spiritual support. the friend to friend specialty shop gives women undergoing cancer treatment a chance to look and feel their best. and there’s metavivor, an organization that funds research for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.

trina’s story has inspired us all here at glassybaby to get involved, and that is why we are thrilled to support the immediate impact breast cancer walk this sunday, july 13, beginning at 1pm in our san francisco store. trina will be there to help us announce our new set, possibilitarian, and giving code that will hopefully help make this year the most impactful one yet.

and sunday is only the beginning. continuing all the way through october 31, this set and giving code impact will help shine a light on the tremendous good that trina and all of the immediate breast cancer walkers do.

we hope to see you on sunday!