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glassybaby has teamed up with woza soccer adventures to help share their story of worldwide adventure and service. this is the second post in the series, and you can read the first one here.

how important we all know a healthy passion is in a young person’s life. a passion to learn–to be a better student, teammate, and even citizen–is inspiring to watch. and a community that cultivates this passion is one that surely will remain close with each coming generation.

communities like these are powerful because of the bonds shared, the feeling that you can always return home to those who have helped you become you.

you can hear this passion when you listen to chris talk about south africa, the mtuba football academy, and the students who learn about so much more than the sport of soccer. with the first week of woza soccer adventures coming to its close, chris told me how fulfilling his dream to return to south africa with american students and coaches with him actually came true.

“really,” he said over the somewhat fuzzy seattle-south africa skype call, “sheldon made this all possible.”

this sheldon is sheldon hughes, founder of mtuba football academy and chris’ co-founder of woza. having played soccer professionally in apartheid south africa, sheldon founded mtuba football academy in 2004 with the goal of providing quality soccer-playing opportunities and life skills to support the area’s disadvantaged youth. chris first volunteered with this academy in 2010, and the connection was instant. both chris and sheldon shared a passion that, four years later, has brought together students from seattle, colorado, new england and south africa together to compete alongside each other, to build a field together, and most importantly, to learn from one another.

having invited chris, his fellow coaches and his students to his home, sheldon is furthering the community he founded ten years ago. they are doing so much more than just playing soccer over the course of three weeks. indeed, they are helping students take part in something that will surely be larger than themselves. it is a connection that will last well beyond the three weeks woza will spend there.

you can learn more about the one field project here, and you can look forward to reading more about the individuals who are following their passions and building something bigger than themselves right here on this blog.