dog days

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august 4, 2016.

dear dairy,

i think today was the best day of my life. i woke up at sunrise, that wonderful time when you can see everything but you don’t have to pant. josie wasn’t awake yet, so i stayed where I was, curled up next to her bed, watching her sleep.

soon she started to open her eyes and move around under the blankets. there was a thumping sound: “thump, thump, thump,” and josie looked up and smiled. I realized the thumping was my tail, so I got up and started washing josie’s face.

“oh, gosh, thank you, okay, enough kisses,” she said. “enough, off.” i knew what she meant. she meant, i love you.

after that we had breakfast. i had kibble, which was delicious. josie drank a cup of that hot, brown, weird-smelling stuff that humans drink in the morning. i tried it once. not my thing.

then we took a walk. the air was fresh and full of smells. there was a message from sparky on some arborvitae. “sparky rules,” the message said. he thinks he’s so cool. i lifted my leg and added my own message, right over his. just so everyone knows that i’m cool, too.

at work, josie alternated between talking on the phone, drawing, and just siting there, thinking. josie is so smart. we make a great team. i took a nap under her desk.

on the way home, we stopped at the absolute best place i know. the beach. we love the beach. the sand in between your pawpads, the dead fish washed up on the shore and, best of all, the water. the cool water that i plunged into over and over, swimming way out to get the ball that josie kept throwing and throwing. sometimes josie gets in the water, but not today. i don’t know why because boy was it hot.

“eee!” josie shrieked and hopped away, gingerly, in that way some humans do when they see a spider or dodge a spray of cold water. i barked once to make sure everything was alright. “do you always have to shake on me?” said josie. me? shake on josie? did i? oops.

when we got home i had dinner, kibble, delicious. i closed my eyes just as the sun went down.


august 5, 2016.

dear dairy,

today was probably the best day of my life. i woke up with the sun, when the air was light and cool. i watched josie sleep from the floor by the side of her bed. soon she started to open her eyes and move around under the blankets.