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So, this past June, we got married in gorgeous little Walla Walla. Amongst the swaying vines and gorgeous open sunsets.

People would always ask us—“So, is one of you from there or something?”. And we’d just smile and say no, we just love it there.

It was a place that just felt right to us, right from the very start: good food, amazing wine, and full of low-key, generous and kind people.

We basically got all of the beauty and ambiance benefits of a wine-country wedding, but without all the pretention that sometimes becomes a package deal.

With two huge extended East Coast families (mine from New York, and his from New Jersey), and friends that rarely ventured that far over in the state, we set out on a mission to bring our favorite people to our peaceful beauty and hidden gem of a town.

And keep them there, selfishly. All to ourselves. For a long, vacation weekend.

And with it, came the events.

Because you can’t make people travel all that way, and just see them for a few hours on Saturday.

At least, not in my book. That seemed like the whole point—to get to love and enjoy and just soak up all that goodness, with all of your favorite people, all in one spot.

And so, events we did.

Wine tasting and taco trucks.

A big welcome reception with amazing Mediterranean food, artisan cured meats and cheese boards hand-styled and sourced from the Walla Walla Gourmet Grocery in town, at the gorgeous and modern Tranche Cellars.

A big family style rehearsal dinner at Whitehouse Crawford.

The wedding, of course.

And then, a big Sunday brunch.

As you can imagine, thinking and planning 5 events for hundreds of people, makes one thing for certain: The décor has to be on point. But, effortless and easy.

Says the bride and groom who did everything themselves (and with the help of their closest friends and family, of course).

I knew that if I could take care of two of those events with somewhat similar colors and styling, we could actually enjoy the wedding week.

Glassybaby rentals to the rescue.

I mean, seriously.

I headed down to the University Village store right before I left, and had the best time selecting a color palette I could use two ways: 1) at the cozy rehearsal, and 2) at the huge outdoor welcome reception.

I went with a soft and soothing palette— (beluga, beach bum, cherish, kindness) both to soften the plain white tablecloths and brick walls of the indoor event, and something that would pop with the dark green vines and open sky of the vineyard.

The best part? All the bridesmaids had to do was light candles and set out mini polaroid’s of us (already assembled), or place them on the outdoor cocktail tables as centerpieces.

The result?

Gorgeously styled tables that took so little effort.

There was no fussing with flowers and water and complex tablescapes that would take the focus off of me (and them) being able to be fully present and enjoying the day.

And the clean up? Just as easy, popping them back in their cute little crate box.

Maybe it’s me, but that’s how I’d always prefer to entertain, wedding week or not.


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