Kids & Art + ‘hide & seek’

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throughout the month of september, glassybaby is excited to announce that 10% of the sale of each ‘hide & seek’ on our website and in california stores will be donated to Kids & Art, an organization that helps bring healing through art to families facing pediatric cancer.

Kids & Art offers not only a unique outlet for pediatric cancer patients, but also a provides a lasting memory of each patient’s creativity. with the help of a professional artist, patients are invited to work alongside their mentor to experiment and play with different mediums. together, they create a one-of-a-kind piece that will later be auctioned, with the proceeds then donated to Kids & Art and related charities.

just as every work created by the artists of Kids & Art are different, every ‘hide & seek’ glassybaby is as unique as the individual who made it. glassybaby is excited to support this organization with such a special color for the month of September.  

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