giving green apples, part 2

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in our last blog post, about the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, we described a truckload of 40,000 pounds of green apples. in this post, we elaborate on the journey of a single crate of green apples. the video above, in addition to being well-made and adorable, provides some statistics about the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank (IFCB). take a minute to watch it.

the IFCB helps over 400 families access groceries like those beautiful green apples, and that’s only one aspect of the organization. Cori Walters has worked at the IFCB for six years, and is now the executive director of the small, yet amazingly effective and versatile organization.

the IFCB offers one-on-one case management for every family that it serves, to help them reach a point where they won’t have to rely on the food bank to get by.

for children, the IFCB fills in where schools’ free and reduced-cost lunch programs leave off. they offer “power packs with healthy lunches for weekends, and “lunch for the break” meals for summer, winter, and spring breaks. every autumn, they provide hundreds of kids with new school supplies to help them succeed.

with all of these great programs going, Cori still faces one big challenge: to identify and reach all of the hungry people in the Issaquah area. “some people still go hungry,” she says, “and nobody should be embarrassed to ask for help. it actually show a lot of courage to ask for help.”

monetary donations help the IFCB reach more people. giving money is also the best way to give food, Cori says, because they can purchase food wholesale, so their dollars go further.

all sales from the glassybaby bellevue store (except for single giving colors) will donate 10% to the IFCB, through the month of november.

also, on november 16th, we will be celebrating our partnership with Cori and the IFCB community at glassybaby bellevue, with light bites and refreshments, and everyone is welcome.

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  1. Thank you glassybaby for your support and your mission to help the IFCB and our nonprofit partners. What a beautiful nonprofit / for profit relationship we have!

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