hope and healing for veterans

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hope and healing for veterans who have valiantly served our country takes many forms. it can be a place to call home, a warm meal, or a new sweatshirt. on this veteran’s day we’re proud to say that we support both the San Francisco and Puget Sound VA Healthcare Systems.

specifically in san francisco, glassybaby supports the Veteran Patient Clothing Closet, a new SF VA Medical Center program. this clothing closet is located in the main hospital for use by both inpatients and outpatients as well as all 6 outpatient clinics.


before glassybaby started funding the Veteran Patient Clothing Closet, the SF VA Medical Center relied on second hand donations for any extra clothing to give to inpatient, outpatient, or homeless veterans. the need for clothing is daily and comes from all kinds of patients who have had clothing lost or damaged during their illness, injury or treatment or for homeless veterans who come in for treatment and need clean undergarments or a new shirt. just a simple clean shirt or warm sweatshirt really helps the veteran patients on their path to healing. 

to date, the donations from our drinkers have provided the San Francisco VA Medical Center with 100 of each of the following:

  • men’s and women’s sweat pants and sweat tops
  • men’s and women’s underwear
  • unisex plain tee-shirts
  • men’s and women’s socks
  • men and women’s light weight jackets
  • all-purpose shoes

in addition, they’ve been able to provide women’s hygiene kits to the female patients.

“we are so excited to have a dedicated clothing closet stocked with quality clothing items for inpatient, outpatient and homeless veterans. prior to having this closet, veteran patients in-need would often leave the hospital in VA branded pajamas or ill-fitting second hand donations. we can’t thank glassybaby enough, this program provides so much dignity and humanity for our local veteran patients”


10% of the sale of our drinkers is donated to the glassybaby white light fund to support the health and well-being of veterans at the San Francisco and Puget Sound VA Healthcare Systems.

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