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to the days
and nights,
in the sunset of the year,
that give us time with those
whom we love most,
and provide an occasion to
give them gifts, which
is itself a gift.

and while leaves fall,
and the warmth outside wanes:
may good works
and wise words
be rewarded in kindness
around every table,
aglow with love.

the glassybaby holiday toast was inspired by
our holiday collection, and like the collection,
the toast is meant for holiday celebrations
with loved ones.

the toast is meant to be a community toast,
and nothing builds community like giving gifts.

so – if you take a video of you or a family member
reading the toast over your table
(kind of like the video above),
then you’ll be entered to win our
gorgeous new holiday set,
the wise ones.

and, your video will be featured
in our “community toast” video in december.

post your video on social media and tag @glassybaby or email to

3 thoughts on “glassybaby community toast”

  1. Although I do not have a video cam, I would like to give a toast which is a quote from John Wesley:

    Do all the good you can,
    in all the ways you can,
    at all times you can,
    to all the people you can,
    for as long as you can.

  2. As we gather together may you enjoy the coolness of the nights and the warmth of the fireplace, along with the family and friends we hold dear. May your days be filled with love, fulfillment and joy. Remembering those who have left us, but continue to pray for us and enrich our lives through examples they have set for us. Lift your glasses high and toast the winter upon us and the New Year soon to be.

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