introducing ‘baby grants’

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want to direct $3,000 to your 
favorite non-profit organization?
read on.
we are giving our community more power 
to choose which non-profits will receive
donations from the glassybaby white light fund,
we will give three “baby grants” per month,
of $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000
to non-profits suggested and chosen
by community members like you.
all you need to do to nominate an organization is:  
post, and 
the two simple steps:
post on instagram or on our glassybaby facebook page
about a glassybaby gift, with the hashtag 
both giver and receiver must post with the hashtag.
the person who receives the glassybaby
should post a picture of it, preferably lit.
the person who gave the glassybaby gift
must also post with the hashtag.
this post may simply tag the recipient of the gift and include the proposal, described below.
(both giver and receiver must post) 
(it is best to tag each other)
(either platform is fine)
(email works, too: see below)
propose, before the 21st of the month,
a non-profit organization that aligns with our giving mission
(to help people, animals, and the planet heal)
that should receive a baby grant.
this proposal may be written in the initial posts by giver and recipient.
proposals should be 150 words or less, and should describe:
– how the organization’s work furthers our giving mission,
– an example of the organization’s impact, and
– your own relationship to the organization.
both giver and receiver of the glassybaby gift are eligible to submit a proposal,
once they have both posted with #glassybabygrants
all proposals will be read.
the top-3 proposals (those that receive the most likes on instagram and/or facebook, or are emailed to the most recipients)
will be posted by glassybaby near the end of each month,
on our facebook account, with a survey
that will allow the glassybaby community to vote
on which proposals win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place grants
($3k, $2k, and $1k).
purchase, post and propose by march 21st 
to be part of the first-ever baby grants competition.
each grant proposal received after march 21st 
will be considered for a baby grant in april.
some notes:
-the 150-word proposals should be posted on glassybaby’s Facebook wall or emailed in.
-if you are not on social media, then you and the receiver of the 
glassybaby gift may send your proposal in an email to three of your friends, 
as well as 
and your grant proposals will be considered eligible.
we will post your proposal on our facebook page.
– you may submit a proposal every month, 
provided that both giver and recipient of the glassybaby gift
post and propose each month.
– glassybaby may post any and all proposals submitted, in any capacity, for any purpose. 
– email with questions or suggestions.
(this is currently an experiment, we are open to any suggestions about the instructions or process)
thank you. 
we can’t wait to read your proposals.
no purchase necessary.

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