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growth is a type of change, and all change requires adaptation. since glassybaby began, we have donated 10% from all sales. at first, this was simple. most of our giving went to a handful of non-profit cancer care organizations in seattle. helping cancer patients in need was the passion that moved lee rhodes to start glassybaby in the first place. at first, many people told her: “you’ll go out of business,” because surely no company can donate 10% of all revenue and succeed.

if you’re reading this, you are probably as surprised and delighted as we are that those people were mistaken. much of glassybaby’s growth as a company has happened because of our giving, rather than in spite of it. humans like giving. “gift economies” are at least as ancient as economies based on money.

wait, wait — did i say “our giving” up there? that was a mistake. what i meant to say was: “your giving.” if you have ever bought a glassybaby, then you have made a donation. glassybaby is a beautiful vehicle for your generosity. you have helped to feed a hungry family. you’ve helped to protect endangered manta rays. you’ve helped a little girl from the country access the cancer care that she needed, in the city. thank you.

you’ve made glassybaby giving into a big deal. earlier this year, glassybaby giving topped $6 million. this number marks an enormous change from when we began. a change that we have to adapt to. hundreds of organizations have benefited from glassybaby giving — too many, unfortunately, to describe to our community (who isn’t too busy these days?). so we have decided to ask you to choose, each month, three organizations that should receive donations from your giving.

we want to know: which passions light you up? what problems do you care most to solve? which non-profits inspire you with their work?

we want the glassybaby community to enthusiastically converse, share, and decide as a group which causes glassybaby giving will benefit. we want to make big impacts on the issues our community cares about, through grants of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000, each month. small, frequent grants that go a long way. baby grants.

we want you to take ownership and control of the good that you cause in the world, and we want to find a middle ground between too hard and too easy for you to do so.

to find out how, give this a quick read: baby grants instructions.